Blue Q Gum


 Surprise someone you love with this delightful bundle of smiles! Each pack features a different, hilarious saying for an added burst of humor.

8 Piece box of Gum 

Cut the Shit, Anxiety - Mint Flavored

Ha Ha Ha Whoops I Peed - Fruit Flavored 

Is that Gum? - Cinnamon Flavored

You Try Being A Parent - Mint Flavored

You Leave Sparkles - Mint Flavored

Catt Butt - Peppermint Flavored

Happy Gum - Fruit Flavored 

Here's Your Gift - Fruit Flavored 

Eat Shit - Mint Flavored

Government - Mint Flavored

I Actually Gave A Shit Earlier - Cinnamon Flavored

At Least the Couch - Cinnamon Flavored


Vendor: Blue Q

Cut the shit anxietyCut the shit anxiety
Ha Ha Whoops I PeedHa Ha Whoops I Peed
Is that Gum?Is that Gum?
You Try Being a ParentYou Try Being a Parent
You Leave SparklesYou Leave Sparkles
Cat ButtCat Butt
Happy GumHappy Gum
Here's Your GiftHere's Your Gift
Eat ShitEat Shit
I Actually Gave A Shit EarlierI Actually Gave A Shit Earlier
At Least the CouchAt Least the Couch
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