Wild Series Plush Ball Jellies


Get wild with your collectibles! Collect one or all of the PBJ's - Plush Ball Jellies - Wild. Each one of the six adorable animal plush ball jellies features adorable animal details in a small form that you can pet. You can't pet a koala in the wild but Wally the Koala is ready to cuddle. Porcupine spikes aren't fun in nature; Spike the Porcupine is lovably squishable.

Plush ball jellies are this year's newest toy trend. Get it on the trend with these 3.25 inch tall wild plush balls. The PBJ's - Plush Ball Jellies - Wild feature creatures named: Hip Hop, Spike, Slowpoke, Wally, W.T. Fox and Bubbles. Choose one or choose them all to create your own mini menagerie. Fun to keep in a backpack or purse, these plush ball jellies are great for stress relief or just a little squishy fun.
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