The Monthly Bean


The Monthly Bean is a reusable, microwavable heating pad filled with flaxseed and designed specifically for relieving cramps, aches and pains associated with your period. The "bean" shape hugs your lower tummy for soothing relief. Can also be used for back and shoulder aches, and can be used hot or cold. Unscented.

10% of the proceeds are donated to women's charities.

Approx. 6" x 13"

Aunt Flo. Crimson Tide. Shark Week. Girl Flu.  The Red Wedding. Whatever you call it, The Monthly Bean can help.
  • Microwave 60-80 seconds with a cup of water or freeze in a plastic baggie for one hour.
  • Rest on lower tummy or back during "that time of the month" for calming relief. You got this!

Handle hot products with care. Spot clean only.
100% cotton.

Made in United States of America by Payne & Comfort

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