True Honey Slumber Tea (1 Pack)


Our Single Serve Packs are perfect for limited spaces and a great introduction to our unique blends. Perfect for any industry, from cafes and hotels to company break rooms, these single serve packs can meet your every need! They pair perfectly with our other products and give customers a sample of our delicious tea to bring them back for more!

Slumber Tea

Indulge in the serence embrace of our nighttime Slumber Tea, designed to guide you into a peaceful night's rest. This blend marries the soothing floral elegance of Chamomile and Lavender with Rooibos and Lemon Myrtle, perfectly paired with our honey granules. Each sip is an invitation to a moment of peaceful contemplation, a luxurious pause in your nightly routine that pampers both body and soul to naturally improve sleep quality. 

Herbal - 100% Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Honey Granules (cane sugar, honey), Chamomile*, Rooibos*, Lemon Myrtle*, Lavender*

***Each bag contains ONE Tea Bag

Vendor: True Honey Teas

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