E-Cloth Wash & Wipe (2 Cloths)


Master the kitchen sink — and everything in it — with E-Cloth wash & wipe dish cloths. Transform dishes from dirty to done with precision-engineered microfibers that grab and trap grease, food, activated with water's molecular might. You don't even need liquid soap. (but if you love suds, we won’t spoil your fun!) these cloths even make quick work of stubborn grease and food stains that normally need soaking and scrubbing.

When dishes are done, ultra-thirsty, microscopic fibers soak up splashes and smudges in and around the sink and taps. Rinse between chores.

Toss in the laundry to refresh.

More than reusable, our cloths come with a 100-wash or 1-year promise, so you can cross short-lived sponges and paper towels and off your shopping list for good.

Wash & wipe dish cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in

Vendor: E-Cloth

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