10x3.5x1.5 wd frmd sign (PRY WT TRST) white, grey


Create an inspiring atmosphere in your room with Adams and Co's uplifting decors! This inspiriting framed sign features distressed colors of white and grey, and boldly displays, "Pray, Wait, Trust". Measuring 10" x 3.5" x 1.5", this framed sign (Product Number 19149) may just be the decoration you are looking for to add a unique personal touch to your home or office. Adams&Co is committed to delivering their quality hand-crafted products to clients all over the nation. We carry products that include everything from traditional home decor, to religious and seasonal decor. Each is designed to give your home that one-of-a-kind feel and welcoming appearance.

Product Details

Material: Wood
Color Scheme: Greys
Theme: Everyday
Width: 6" - 12"
Depth: 1" - 2"
Height: Less than 6"
Mount: Hangable or Freestanding
Type: Sign
Shape: Rectangle
Placement: Hanging or Setting
Mpn # 19149
Fulfillment SKU 665047
Dimensions 0 " X 0 " X 0 "
Weight 0.37 lbs.

Vendor: Adams & Co.


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