Bee Bar-Large (2.0 oz.)


This marvelous solid bar is a Lotion! Yes, and as the Bee Bar lotion is picked up and warmed by the hands or skin, the essential oils and butters are released and can be gently massaged into the skin and absorbed like any lotion. Because the bar is made without water, it won't dry out and it will last a long time even with daily use. It won't come off on fabric or paper and you can wash your hands several times without having to reapply the lotion because the beeswax seals in all of the emollients. For this reason, it is unprecedented as a soothing moisturizer for dry cracked or damaged skin. For best results, keep the Bee Bar out on a plate and keep it close at hand in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or office. The Large 2 oz Bee Bar Lotion is perfect for home or office and with daily use should last approximately 6 months.

Gold Tin Vanilla-warm and comforting
Copper Tin-Hawaiian - like a tropical breeze
Lavender Tin-Lavender - tranquil and relaxing
Silver Tin-Natural-Fragrance of beeswax & sweet almond oil
Pink Tin-Sweet Honey - A caress of sweet pleasure
Aqua Tin-Spring Meadow - Springtime lilacs
Green Tin-Citrus - Delightfully Refreshing
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