Pyraminx Crystal


As challenging as it is mesmerizing to look at!

Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic pyramid-shaped predecessor, the Pyraminx Crystal boasts a high-quality, crystal-clear acrylic body with streamlined colored stickers along the edges.

Twist it this way and that way to mix it up completely. Then, see if you have the smarts to get it back to its original form!

Celebrate the beauty of puzzle-solving with the Pyraminx Crystal.

Pyraminx Cyrstal
  • Crystal-clear 50th anniversary edition of the classic Pyraminx puzzle
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Glimmering acrylic body, streamlined colored stickers
  • Twist to mix it up - Try to get it back to its original form!
  • Includes one Pyraminx Crystal puzzle
  • Measures 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
  • High-quality construction - Lasting durability
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