Ultimate Skewb


Get hooked into a twisted puzzle of logic with Meffert's Skewb color-matching 3D puzzle!

Twelve sides of twelve different colors take the classic fun of a jumble-and-unjumble puzzle game to a nearly unbearable level of deep, mind-numbing complexity.

Twist and turn this geometric play piece into one of millions of different color combinations. Then, give your IQ the ultimate challenge and try to realign the colors back into their separate solid faces.

But be careful, because while each move could bring you closer to the solution, they could also bring further into confusion!

See if you can become a true color-matching genius with Meffert's Skewb 3D puzzle.

Meffert's Skewb
  • A 12-sided 3D color-matching puzzle
  • Encourages focus and logic
  • An amazingly designed 3D puzzle that gives your IQ an ultimate challenge
  • Pieces turn easily and smoothly
  • Brilliant colors- orange, purple, blue, green, white, brown, light purple, pink, dark blue, dark green, red, and yellow
  • Millions of different color combinations - one solution
  • Instructions included
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Ages 9-99
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