The Mod Wax Warmer


Timeless design, modern convenience - in Dark Stone
  • NEW! LOW, MEDIUM, & HIGH POWER SETTINGS: Control the intensity of your of your fragrance delivery with the low, medium, and high power settings. Select the “low” power setting for a more even, long-lasting fragrance. Want an intense burn? The “high” power setting will deliver your fragrance with rapid intensity, but may burn off faster. For a traditional melting experience, select the “medium” setting!
  • NEW! CONTINUOUS “ON” SETTING: You asked, we listened! You can now override the optional 3-6-9 hour electric timer with an added continuous “On” button! Wax warmer that burns your soy wax melts for as long as you wish!
  • 3-6-9 HOUR AUTO SHUT OFF TIMER: With settings for 3, 6, and 9 hours, our automatic shut off timer feature allows you to easily manage the duration of your fragrance delivery. Experience the soothing aromas of our scented soy wax melts for however long you like!
  • NO-SCRAPE SILICONE DISH: Flexible silicone dish allows you to remove used wax melts from your wax melt warmer quickly and easily—wax pops right out of the dish, no clean-up required! Experience incredible fragrance with no mess!
  • "NO BULB" MELTING: This elegant, ceramic wax warmer comes with a printed-on design and features a built-in ceramic heater. (Translation for veteran melters: no more replacing light bulbs!) The steady glow from the built-in LED light strip illuminates the warmer and creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy our amazing Happy Wax scents and never worry about replacing the bulb!
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