World's Smallest Garbage Pail Kids (Assorted)


Bundle Includes One of the following:

  1. Adam Bomb
  2. Blasted Billy
  3. Geeky Gary
  4. Heavin Steven
  5. Tee-Vee Steevie
  6. Up Chuck
Embrace all things disgusting with GPK!
  • The original “gross-out” brand of the ’80s featuring hilariously revolting characters with outrageous names to match is now available in the world’s smallest size!
  • Measuring up to 1.25 inches tall, each detailed micro-figure includes a mini collector case for display and storage and a mini sticker.
  • GPK’s nostalgic roots and over-the-top zaniness continue to work their way into the hearts of kids, adult collectors, and pop-culture aficionados!
  • A great Easter gift, party favor, stocking stuffer, and more!  Fun for all ages.  Recommended for ages 6+.

        Vendor: Super Impulse

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