Farmyard Plush Ball Jellies


Bring a little barnyard to your backyard with the PBJ's - Plush Ball Jellies - Barnyard characters. Each one is individual and adorably squishy. Choose from Lily the frog, Purrincess, Piggy, Fowl Ball, Fleecia or Fetch the dog. Each one is soft and filled with jelly balls for ultimate squishability in a small size. Toss one in a backpack or tote bag to help relieve stress on-the-go. Each 3.25-inch tall plush ball is filled with gel balls for softness inside and out.

Gift a PBJ's - Plush Ball Jellies - Barnyard for back-to-school or drop-in themed birthday party goody bags. The plush toys from Streamline are the next collectible trend! Whether you are waiting in line and need a fun distraction or just want a new small toy, these Plush Ball Jellies are a great option.

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