Stuff Cuff® Bag Strap - Cheetah


Stuff Cuff® is a lighter, sportier version of our original bag restraint. It is made of colorful flexible poly-cotton webbing, has thinner carabiners, and does not have pouch. Stuff Cuff® also secures your bag with one click. Simply attach one cuff to your bag and the other cuff to your car’s headrest post, a shopping cart or a chair to keep your bag(s) in place and accessible while driving, shopping or dining. Use it with grocery and takeout bags, laptops and briefcases, gym bags, portfolios and even diaper bags. Take it anywhere!

Gunmetal hardware on black and tan strap body

Dimensions: 10.0125"L x 2.25"W x 0.325"H

Fade- and stain-resistant poly cotton material Easy to clean

Internally reinforced with webbing

Hardware crafted from zinc alloy

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