Twice As Nice Cute Creatures 2 Color Click Pen


Cute Creatures 2 color click pens. Each pen writes in 2 different color inks, just click the ears and arms to release the colors.
The perfect sweet little pick me up gift!

Dark Green (Koala): Writes in Green & Black
Light Blue (Penguin): Writes in Yellow & Black
Orange (Tiger): Writes in Orange & Black
Light Green (Sloth) Writes in Green & Brown
Black (Panda): Writes in Red & Black
Dark Blue (Otter): Writes in Orange & Blue

Vendor: Snifty

Dark Green -KoalaDark Green -Koala
Light Blue -PenguinLight Blue -Penguin
Orange -TigerOrange -Tiger
Light Green -SlothLight Green -Sloth
Black -PandaBlack -Panda
Dark Blue -OtterDark Blue -Otter
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